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Dr. Robin Steely

Dr. Robin Steely

The Founder of The Open Airway & Breath Institute

I have been practicing health directed dentistry at Robin P Steely, DDS in Battle Creek since 1983. It is an honor to offer The Open Airway & Breath Institute as an extension of my practice. The Open Airway & Breath Institute is a dedicated holistic dentistry practice that specializes in airway health dentistry. Our approach is focused on improving breathing in conjunction with oral health to achieve Oral Fitness For Life. 

As a dentist, I understand and value the unique position that I have to effectively screen and educate people on systemic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oral cancer, and airway health, particularly because many of my patients are visiting my office more than their physician’s office.   

My team and I have trained extensively with Dr’s. Steve Carstenson and Ken Berley with the ADA Sleep Symposium, Dr. Jeff Rouse and the Spear Center, Dr. Felix Liao, Dr. Soursh Zaghi, and the Dawson Academy. We are members of the Foundation for Airway Health dedicated to identifying the signs of airway issues, sleep disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnea, as often there are many clues that present in the oral cavity. We see many signs of sleep-disordered breathing, such as grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw at night, TMJ pain, blocked airway, tongue thrusts, periodontal disease, and bite issues.  

The extensive training in protocols, appliance therapy, and diagnostic models as taught by those that we have studied with have allowed us to develop our own structures for diagnosis and treatment.

We are in a unique position, because of our holistically inclined approach and our training, to work with the sleep centers and develop a comprehensive approach to breathing wellness.  

Breathing is life, and an insufficient airway can cause us not to get enough air to meet our body’s needs. Our approach to airway health dentistry focuses on finding the root cause of your breathing problems and correcting them using a variety of methods.

I believe in using the gifts that I have been given to help improve the lives of others and lead them to a healthier future. It has been said that “first you get the skills in your head, then you get them in your hands, but they don’t become alive until you get them in your heart.” I am a holistically inclined, wellness-centered dentist because it is in my heart. To share that passion and belief, I continue to train myself both technically and behaviorally. Dentistry is a behavioral science that blends art, technology, and science with psychology and humanity.

It is my belief that sitting with each person individually and helping them get to what it is that they really are looking for on their wellness journey is where we find our success. Having a collaborative agreement on the target will help us know if we are making progress. That all starts with a conversation centered around wellness. Contact us today at 269-968-8151 to set up an initial consultation and take a step toward a healthier you.

To learn more about Dr. Robin Steely’s professional training, credentials and philosophy of dentistry, visit Dr. Robin Steely DDS.

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