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Dr. Robin Steely Demonstrates COVID-19 Safety Protocols


Robin P Steely, DDS is and has always been dedicated to the health and safety of our patients, team and community for over 37 years. It is our number one priority. I put together this little video that shows you some of the new protocols going forward to help give you peace of mind in knowing it is safe to come to our practice for your dental services.

Please watch this video and let us know if you have any questions.

To Our Family of Patients

To say that the past few months has been challenging is an understatement! We are so grateful that so many of you have stayed healthy and well throughout the pandemic season. Being almost a year into this “new normal” has made us reflect on the goodness and grace of the people that we serve.

We have worked through all of you that had appointments confirmed during our 3 month shut-down. You allowed us a “soft start” when we returned and that made all the difference in our working through all of the new safety protocols that were put in place.

We continue to stay focused on our purpose of transforming lives with great oral fitness and health. The tenants of our practice are and will always be:

  • Gum tissue free of any bleeding, inflammation, or infection
  • Teeth free from any decay, cracks, or gaps
  • A comfortable bite without wear on the teeth and no gaps between them
  • An open airway to allow you to breath well

We continue to review new techniques and materials, looking for better ways to serve you. Updating our rigorous infection control protocols have everyone’s safety in mind. As an example, our hygiene visits are now 75 minutes, allowing the appropriate time to thoroughly clean and disinfect our treatment areas. The reason that we all come to the practice every day is to find a better way for you to achieve the level of health that you choose.

Thanks so much for all the encouraging messages that we have received. It has meant a lot to know that so many of you are doing well. Also, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all of the participation that you have done in the past to take control of your health. That is the greatest compliment that you could pay us. Again, we are excited to be back and partner with you for a healthy future!

Looking forward to the years to come.

Robin Steely, DDS, Kenta, Michelle, Amber, Erin and Adell

Breathing Through Covid-19 Crisis

One of the organizations that I belong to is the Foundation for Airway Health. In one of its most recent publications, a short article was published that made a lot of sense to me. Allow me to paraphrase it for you. With the stress, fears, and challenges for the global COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, it can be difficult to stay relaxed, function normally, and tend to life as usual. Nancy Rothstein offers some of the sage advice.

The Open Airway & Breath Institute

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